General HR Support

For many organisations, the responsibility of Human Resource Management is often given to a senior manager who has to juggle this role alongside their main responsibilities.

This can be manageable as long as there are no problems, but Human Resource Management is a specialist field and simple mistakes made out of ignorance can lead to expensive Employment Tribunal claims being made against the organisation.

As well as our HR solutions service that focusses particularly on employment issues, we also provide a number of options for businesses.


We deliver a number of seminars throughout the year at which we will highlight latest changes to employment legislation and explain the impact of recent cases that have gone to Employment Tribunals and which might affect local businesses.

In these seminars we focus on a specific topic that may be relevant to businesses and provide practical advice on addressing problems.


We run a number of HR clinics at various points in the year that give businesses the opportunity to meet us to discuss specific problems or issues they may have.

Single contract opportunities

Some businesses use the Consultancy to provide specific support for particular issues. It might be that current staff are over stretched and need additional capacity, or there is a specific gap in expertise and we can offer that expertise as it is required.

There are a number of areas where the Consultancy can bring additional expertise or capacity and these include managing change, introducing new or revised systems such as performance management, managing a redundancy process or TUPE process as well as training and development, undertaking investigations, chairing grievance or disciplinary hearing.

Please contact us for more detailed information about how we can support your business.