Employment Advice

We aim to offer business timely, cost effective and expert advice and support on all HR matters.

We do this through a contracted service called HR Solutions. This service offers unlimited HR advice and support including employment issues by phone and email, review and regular updating of policies and contracts, We believe that we offer unrivalled service and exceptional value for money.

Contact us at any time for telephone or email based support and advice You will not be placed in a queue at a call centre, but will speak directly to one of our HR Consultants who will have detailed knowledge of your organisation.

We will send you regular e-newsletters that contain a range of relevant information relating to HR issues and will include any changes that are planned or being implemented to HR legislation that you need to know about.

We provide templates and proformas on all HR matters.

Every new client will receive a free policy health check in order to ensure that the organisation’s policies are fit for purpose and then we will provide policy updates to ensure that they remain up to date.

All clients using HR Solutions will be entitled to a discounted Consultancy fee rate should you need to us to provide further services beyond those outlined here.

We understand the importance of ensuring that the service we offer is cost effective and appropriate for your organisation. To this end we believe that the programme we have produced is a transparent cost effective solution to your HR needs.